Victorian Dollhouse/rag doll/ art doll aesthetic. Stitching. Thread. Dusty. Forgotten.

If blocking will be heavily inspired by concept is TBD, but works even if we do subtle. Definitely not going to be like OBC.


Keep music the same as written. Wendla is a pianist, and I'd like her to play Whispering with band, while modern dance happens on stage (Helen Woo.)


 Sound design so far, same as OBC. May add more. Considering adding voices to Moritz.

Dance - adding to the hip hop contemporary, doll-like movements?


Definitely want to avoid a lot of browns in costumes, if possible, cooler colors are welcomed. Typical victorian, but with rag doll/voodoo doll stitching/buttons. I still want boys in the kincker style bottoms. Considering having adults without the stitching look. Image 3 - Moritz, I love the idea of him in some sort of black/white stripe. Last image - love the dusty look to their clothing.

Set Design

Portable Art. Dilapited Victorian Dollhouse.Thread/texture. Trees are a staple in this show, and I have noticed that in thread art, for lungs/body parts, they tend to look like trees. If we can incorporate this idea into set, or even costume in a subtle way, it would be great. Throw back to sex education/human anatomy topics presented in the show. Mix of nature in set. Need wheelchair accessibility for at least one platform. 


This is a production of Spring Awakening, I absolutely love it. Putting this here for set/lighting.

Dollhouse / Set Inspiration - up to interpretation 

Thread Art Installation / Design / General Art