APRIL 1ST, 5:50 PM

*Please read BELOW thoroughly before contacting us with questions. 


Actors and dancers, congratulations!

Your name is listed underneath each character you received a callback for, as well as links to your sides/music that you are expected to print for yourself. Be aware of all the callback repertoire, even those you were not callback for, as we may feel inspired to ask you to read for another character. It is apparent to the production team when an actor hasn't read the full script during callbacks, so you must be comfortable with both the sides/music, and have read/seen the entire show.


Everyone with a callback will be apart of the dance audition, other than adult man/adult woman roles. Make sure to bring water/snacks and a change of clothes as you will have time between dance and music/sides to change. Arrive to the callback at 5:50 pm, there will be time to further fill-out paper work and to warm up. Some actors may be called for dance only, even if not listed as dancers. Dance core and those not asked to music will be released at 7:30pm, and only those listed under a character will be asked to stay for the acting portion. You may be released before your music/acting callback. This decision will be non-negotiable, but does not immediately mean you are not in the show.

After being offered a role via email, you will be asked to digitally sign a contract within 24 hours, or we will immediately recast your role. In your acceptance email you must give us your basic measurements for our costuming team, otherwise your role acceptance will be void, and we will, again, recast the role. Actors under 18 must have their guardian sign the contract within this time frame - no exceptions. We will use your conflicts you bring on 4/1 in your contracts, so make sure they're specific. No "no conflicts at this time" are allowed. 

Melchiors/Moritz/Wendlas/Ilses expect to stay for an extended period of time. 

We are excited to get to see you all 4/1 at 5:50 pm! This is an opportunity to not only show your talent, but what you uniquely bring to the show. 

Any questions, please send MadiRemigio@left-handtheatre.com an email.

Thank you all!

Alexander Belmont, Director

Carlie Robinson, Assist. Director 

Diamond Rose, Choreographer 

Wayne Goodman, Music Director

Madi Remigio, Stage Manager 

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