Find your name under one of the three boxes. Links to your music/sides will be under your character and at the bottom of the list where it says "Music Callback Pdf..."


All are called at 6:30pm at the upstairs studio for dance. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check-in and warm yourself up. Those listed as leading roles are to make sure to bring water/snacks and a change of clothes, as you will have time between music/acting and dance to change. 


We must have all conflicts at the start of your audition, and if given significantly different conflicts at time of casting, will immediately recast your role. We will also recast your role if those conflicts are given at a later date, including during the rehearsal process. We expect you to be upfront about your commitments.


Leads/Supporting - Print out ALL of your sides and music, and bring them to the callback. Music will be taught very fast and it is expected you will learn the repertoire outside of the space. It is highly suggested being lyrically off-book as much as possible. Acting sides are expected to be mostly off-book with the ability to be coached without worrying about reading too many lines directly form the paper. Actors actors called back for Johnny  will to learn "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" on guitar, in which they will bring their guitar and perform during callbacks. 

After being offered a role via email, you will be asked to digitally sign a contract within 24 hours. In your acceptance email you must also give us your basic measurements/sizing for our costuming team, and a digital of your headshot, otherwise your role acceptance will be void, and we will, again, recast the role. We will use your conflicts you bring on 1/20 in your contracts, so make sure they're specific. "No conflicts at this time" will be considered as zero conflicts. All offers will be awarded seven to ten days after callbacks. We will be rehearsing at Little Boxes Theater (1661 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107) and performing at The Gateway Theater (215 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94111). There is ample free parking at Little Boxes Theater and public transit options.

CALLBACK Breakdown

ALL CALL DANCE: 6:30 - 7:40

Lead/Supporting callbacks: 7:50 - 10:30

Send all questions to Reply to your callback invitation email to let us know you will be able to attend callbacks.

Thank you all!

Alexander Belmont, Christine Mani, Director

Ronald James, Choreographer 

Lucas Sherman, Music Director

Madi Remigio, Stage Manager

Lena Randall, Assistant Stage Manager

whatshername, heather, extraordinary girl, Alysha 

Whatsername Melinda Campero, Maya Sherer, Chloe Angst

Whatsername Acting Side PDF

Heather -  Janel Chante, Zoey Lytle, Maya Phillips, Danielle Altizio, Katie Pimentel, Maya Sherer

Heather Acting Side PDF


Extraordinary Girl - Tiffany Quintana, Janel Chante, Aubri Eu Kahalekulu, Chloe Angst 

Extraordinary Girl Acting Side PDF

Alysha - Maya Phillips, Katie Pimentel, Aubri Eu Kahalekulu, Carlie Robinson, Maya Sherer

Music Callback PDFs for ALL roles above

21 Guns

Last Night On Earth

Too Much Too Soon

By Appointment

Adria Swan (Heather, Extraordinary Girl)

Sarah VanBindsbergen (Extraordinary Girl, Alysha)



Sergio Diaz-Correno

Oklys Pimentel

KJ Brown

Christopher Francis

Alexander Hernandez

Harry Fahn

Victor Ragsdale 

Daniel Quezada 

Rachel Krah

Jess Rankin

Desiree Juanes

Caitlyn Lopez

Paige Callazo

Jamie Gussman

Shannon Alane Harger

Ilana Greenberg

Hayley Kennen

Rae Cofsky

Sarah Medley

Brianna Mungo

Kerri Blake Cavanaugh

Dance call only, 6:30pm

Johnny, St. Jimmy, Tunny, Will, Theo / Favorite SOn

Johnny Jomar Martinez, Kamren Mahaney, Connor Johnson

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Guitar Music

Johnny Acting Side PDF

St. Jimmy - Nick Rodrigues, Kamren Mahaney, Michael Perez, Chloe Angst, Danielle Altizio



Tunny -  Jomar Martinez, Maya Sherer, Chloe Angst, Nick Rodrigues

Tunny Acting Side

Will - Nick Rodrigues, Jomar Martinez, Michael Perez, Julio Chavez, Sean McGrory

Will Acting Side

Favorite Son and Theo - Nick Rodrigues, Julio Chavez, Patrick Brewer

Music Callback PDFs for ALL roles above

American Idiot

Before the Lobotomy

By Appointment

Daniel Verschelden (Johnny / Will)

Sam C. Jones (Johnny)

Bryan Munar (Tunny, Favorite Son/Theo)