A Rock n' Roll Benefit Concert.


The Left-Hand Theatre Company is raising funds for our upcoming show. Join us for an unforgettable night of incredible performances, great food, drinks, including signature cocktails and a silent auction to find a great gift for the upcoming holiday season.This company is full of youth and grit and the constant strive to do better, producing shows that highlight diversity in the newest generation of performers in a loud way and Broadway Unplugged will be no different. This fundraiser is going to be a celebration of those new voices that reflect what Left Hand stands for! Click here for tickets.


          The Left-Hand Theatre Co. has been a Non-Profit since 2016, and strives to produce artistically focused contemporary musical theater and music inspired productions that serve and reflect underrepresented thematic narratives, characters and actors not often found in traditional entertainment. The idea of the left-hand is simple, it is a fully functional instrument that is often second-string to the dominant limb, and with opportunity, can do anything; this is not unlike the bass line of a ballad, as it provides deeply expressive richness to the composition. Our dedication to actors and audiences of various abilities, gender identities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds and body types will span not only through affordable prices, but community outreach. 



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